About Top Notch Plumbing

The Top Notch Plumbing Difference

Facing plumbing issues can be hard, but finding a reliable plumber should not be. At Top Notch Plumbing we pride ourselves in our ability to provide every customer with an efficient solution without breaking the bank. Call us at (845) 744-6716 and get immediate attention today!


What Makes Top Notch Plumbing Different


  • 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays!

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We guarantee our work, our service, and our technicians 100%!

  • FIX IT RIGHT FIRST GUARANTEE – A guarantee to fix things right the first time or we will offer additional service at no additional charge.

  • WE GIVE YOU OPTIONS- Clear explanation of the issues at hand, along with ALL of your service options, so YOU can decide which best fits YOUR needs and YOUR budget

  • UP FRONT PRICING – A clear and precise written description of the work at hand, including all costs UP-FRONT, so there are NO hidden fees and NO last minute add-ons

  • ON TIME & CONVENIENT SERVICE – We work with your schedule and DO NOT keep you waiting! For any reason there is a delay, we will call you first!

  • TRUST CERTIFIED & EXPERT TECHNICIANS – When our technicians show up at your door, you can feel confident in knowing that he is the most experienced and best qualified technician to install or repair any and all of your plumbing service needs

  • COMPLIMENTARY PLUMBING INSPECTIONS & PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE – To ensure that your equipment and systems are well kept and running properly to prevent any unnecessary or unexpected issues.


At TNP we have made it our goal to go above and beyond your normal expectations for a plumbing service company to assure 100% complete satisfaction. As homeowners we understand how critical it can be do get efficient and professional repairs and services. This is why we modeled our company behind this goal. We want to leave every customers home with no plumbing issues and a smile on their faces.


Our expert technicians make it their personal goal to get to know you and your family or office staff, in order to provide you with the best and most friendly service possible.


We want you to work with a plumbing service company that you can trust, and you should know that you can trust us!


Best of all, we always promise to stand by our word in providing “Premier Quality with Traditional Service” to every customer and every job no matter how big or how small.



At Top Notch Plumbing we use a standardized “Up Front Pricing” system.  This allows our technicians give you an actual proposal. They will show you the complete price for the job – on the spot – before any work is done.  You expect this from your favorite restaurant, why not your home service company?


In fact, most businesses in the world price this way.  It takes the surprise out of the cost for the job.  For some reason, most of the industry still does it the old way: “Time and Materials”.  Not us. 


Our clients know the total cost of a job, before we start. Once our client accepts a proposal, we start the job immediately – or schedule it for a time that works best for them.